Certificate Program in Religious Studies

This 30-credit certificate program is designed for those who wish to immerse themselves in a study of contemplative religious traditions and is open to students who have completed at least 60 semester credits prior to entering Naropa University. Students can complete the requirements for this certificate program in one academic year, taking 15 credits/semester which is charged at the block rate for tuition. Please see http://www.naropa.edu/costs-aid/costs/undergraduate-costs/tuition-fees.php for details on costs for tuition and fees.

Required Courses


Choose 3 credits from the following courses:

(Prerequisites for 300- level classes)

REL390W–392W Shambhala Training I–III (3)


Choose 6 credits from the following courses:

(Prerequisites for 300- level classes)


Choose the following from the course guide:

Religious Studies Courses (14)


For information about careers related to a certificate in Religious Studies, we are providing the name and the US Department of Labor's Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code of the occupations for which the certificate program prepares its students. We have added a link to occupational profiles on the US Department of Labor's O*NET Web site.

Occupation name and SOC code: Religious Workers, 21-2099 O*NET link for occupational profiles: http://www.onetcodeconnector.org/ccreport/21-2099.00