Minor in Sanskrit or Tibetan Language

Religious Studies majors may take either Sanskrit or Tibetan to fulfill their minor requirement. A sequence of at least four courses (4 credits each) is offered in each language. (Six courses are offered in Tibetan.) The requirement of the minor is to take the first three of these four courses. However, students are encouraged to consider taking the fourth semester of the language as an elective.

Tibetan Apprenticeships

Students who have excelled in two semesters of Tibetan may apply for a research assistant position with the Tsadra Foundation Research Center in Boulder. If applicants also have studied Sanskrit, that is a plus, but not required. Students who have completed at least four Tibetan courses are eligible to apply to the Nalanda Translation Committee Apprenticeship program, which provides funding for a year (or more) for further Tibetan language training with the translation committee after they graduate.

Sanskrit I–III (12) or Tibetan I–III (12)