BA in Contemplative Psychology

The Contemplative Psychology major requires 37 credit hours: 28 from the core requirements and 9 from one of the concentrations. The core requirements consist of courses in psychology and meditation from the Buddhist and Shambhala traditions, as well as courses in Western psychology. Students pursue further study in one of four concentrations: Somatic Psychology, Psychology of Health and Healing, Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology, or Psychological Science.

Other requirements include a contemplative community retreat offered every other fall semester and a community—based field placement within the Boulder/Denver area.

Program Vision

The BA Contemplative Psychology program offers an innovative approach to the study and practice of psychology, guided by the principle that psychological health and well-being are innate. The Contemplative Psychology program creates and supports a learning environment that values personal experience and insight as essential to embodied achievement. Through various modes of inquiry, such as contemplative practice, empirical research, theoretical analysis, oral and written narrative, group dynamics, and community engagement, the field of contemplative psychology nourishes individual and collective transformation. The program develops the whole person through experiential learning that broadens and sharpens intellect, deepens intuition, nourishes compassion, and embodies confidence. Drawing from meditative wisdom traditions and contemporary practices of diversity, the curriculum provides fertile opportunity for understanding complexity, while fostering reciprocal learning across deeply valued difference.

Entering the Major

In accordance with University policy, students can declare their major at any time. In order to progress through the course work in this major, students should take the following important course prerequisite at the earliest opportunity: PSYB101, Introduction to Western Psychology. Please consult with your Academic Advisor to plan your schedule in the program.