Counseling Practicum

The Counseling Practicum is designed to provide a supportive and instructional forum for students' initial experiences with counseling clients in clinical settings. The practicum provides for the continued development of counseling and therapeutic skills with consultation and supervision, utilizing both group and triadic models. A significant portion of each class meeting is devoted to case consultation and secondary supervision, in addition to the primary supervisory responsibilities of the on-site supervisor. Students discuss professional and personal issues as they relate to their development as beginning counselors. Topics include understanding client issues for a specific theoretical orientation, including a contemplative therapeutic approach, case planning, clinical decision making, client transference and therapist countertransference, as well as dynamics of the student-supervisory relationship, organizational issues at the site, and balancing personal and professional responsibilities including self-care. The course also provides a systemic overview of mental health service delivery, policy, and issues of advocacy, and access to community resources. It includes the study of public mental health policy, financing, and regulatory processes to improve service delivery opportunities in clinical mental health counseling, as well as models, methods, and principles of program development and service delivery.
Course Number: CNSC790
Units: 3.0