The Science of Contemplative Teaching and Learning

This course provides an overview of contemplative education from a scientifically informed perspective. Students personally encounter science as a way of knowing, and learn some of the methods used in researching contemplative teaching and learning. We review recent findings on training teachers in contemplative practice, training teachers in contemplative pedagogy, and training K - 12 students directly. Scientifically informed theories of contemplative education are examined to explore relationships between key concepts such as attention, awareness, learning, mindfulness, self-regulation, and resilience. The relevance of this research for teacher training, pedagogy, and educational policy is discussed. Gaining proficiency regarding current research in the field of contemplative education empowers students with the knowledge needed for implementing and advocating for contemplative curriculum within a school, and also for planning new empirical studies. Students who are not matriculated in the MA Contemplative Education program must receive permission of the instructor to register. Prerequisite: EDU 700.
Course Number: EDU775E
Units: 3.0