Body/Movement Observation and Assessment I

The first semester of a two-semester series in which students begin to look at how the mind is expressed through the body. In the first semester, greater focus will be placed on gathering the basic kinesiological terms and concepts necessary to cultivate the skill of seeing the body descriptively, in stillness as well as in motion. A range of observation and assessment models specific to dance/movement therapy and body psychotherapy are introduced, including kinesiological, morphological, developmental, energetic, segmented, process-oriented, and archetypal frameworks; the overarching context for encapsulating these concepts is through the lens of Laban Movement Analysis (LMA). In the second part of this series, greater emphasis is placed on deriving clinical meanings from these observations. In both semesters, the process of observing the body and its movement patterns will be approached from the integrative vantage points of theoretical knowledge, practiced observation, and personal embodiment.
Course Number: CNSS621
Units: 3.0