Poetry & Poetics

In this workshop we explore the techniques and dynamics of form and poetic vision. We analyze and discuss elements of poetry and poetics (the image, the line, collage, prosody, defamiliarization, etc.) with the intention of adding to our own creative repertoires and vocabularies. Throughout the course we undertake writing our own experiments within the diverse field of poetry and poetics. Reading selections of classic and contemporary poetry for challenge and inspiration, we generate new texts of our own through weekly writing investigations and in-class assignments. With feedback from our colleagues, we take this work through drafts and revisions with the aim of producing a final portfolio. We also think about practical aspects of how poetry is performed, edited, published, and disseminated; and we consider how or why we may want our own work to participate in these existing economies of publishing and distribution. Prerequisite: COR110 and Co-requisite: WRI210.
Course Number: WRI312
Units: 3.0