Advanced Practicum in Psychological Research: Sexual Narratives

Curious about the different ways that people see the world? Join this research practicum to empirically explore the psychology of personal worldview. We will use quantitative self-report measurement of hundreds of worldview dimensions, and perhaps additional methods such as interviewing, to learn how values, beliefs, and attitudes work together to shape experience. Worldview, one's conception of totality, is about life meaning, purpose, people and other beings, mind and awareness, self-identity, society and community, truth and reality, behavior and morality, technology and science, spirituality and religion, and violence and death. Every "ism" can show up within a worldview. Readings are drawn primarily from the discipline of psychology, supplemented by ancient wisdom traditions, philosophy, and neuroscience, to inform our discoveries. Topics include the composition of worldviews, and influences on worldview from meditation and other activities. To include first-person experience, students will personally engage in contemplative practices that foreground worldview.
Course Number: PSYB495
Units: 3.0