Community-based Action and Learning

The purpose of this course is to engage "big questions" and issues through community-based learning. The course is designed as a laboratory for students to identify and articulate their own values, commitments, and gifts, and to deepen their understanding of local and global initiatives that foster social justice, innovation, and environmental sustainability. Joining theory and practice, we explore practices that range from bearing witness and loving-kindness to social entrepreneurship, storytelling, service learning, and political participation. We extend the classroom into the community through field trips and partnerships with local community groups, and invite scholars, activists, and community leaders from diverse locations into the classroom. Assignments are designed to cultivate inner resources such as curiosity, courage, and resilience, and to enhance knowledge and skills to address real-world challenges. While the topics may vary by semester, class projects aim for reciprocity, maximizing the potential for student learning and benefitting local communities. Course fee.
Course Number: COR220
Units: 3.0