History & Philosophy of Gross National Happiness

Students taking this module will be introduced to the concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH), including its history and evolution as a tool of measurement and as a development philosophy. They will learn about the four pillars of GNH, and how GNH is being studied and used to guide development and policies in Bhutan. GNH concepts will be thoroughly discussed and compared to Buddhist concepts and international declarations. Students who complete this module are poised to become experts on GNH as a concept and philosophy, and will increase the number of Bhutanese graduates that can become GNH scholars. They can then become focal people in GNH and the countrys development into the future, and take an active role in the countrys policies and activities related to GNH. They will be well-equipped to serve this purpose in both private organizations or government agencies.
Course Number: BBTN305
Units: 3.0