Historical Leadership of the Himalaya

This module aims to provide an opportunity for students to study several significant historical leaders of the Himalayas. Leaders discussed will include spiritual, and non-spiritual, and the leaders that are a combination of the two. The origins and contexts of these historically significant leaders will be covered in this module, along with the actions and contributions of these leaders. Students will analyze and interpret the significance of these leaders, as well as historical/political changes or developments that occurred under their rules. Comparison and interrelations among some of the leaders can also be discussed, including the analysis of conflict occurring among Himalayan peoples historically. Through conducting secondary research on these historical figures, students will have the opportunity to gain interest and preliminary knowledge on subtopics that could become relevant for valuable future research after the module ends. They will also gain experience communicating these findings to an audience, both orally and in writing.
Course Number: BHIM307
Units: 3.0