Research Methods in Practices & Field Projects

This module is intended to expand upon students' previously learned research skills, and prepare them to carry out basic community research. Students will be guided step-by-step in completing an oral history project locally toward this end. Oral history has been chosen as the type of research, due to the urgent priority often expressed in Bhutan to document this intangible culture before it disappears (however, the tutor can of course choose to make the data collection on a similarly basic form of community research). The course will be completely student-oriented, and each student's data will be a case study from which others can learn. The course will review relevant previous modules in order to make students well-equipped to collect and analyze oral history data from local community members on a chosen topic. In addition to gaining experience in community research, students will also be contributing to strengthening ties between ILCS and surrounding communities, and contributing to the preservation of Bhutanese cultural heritage.
Course Number: BRES402
Units: 3.0