Contemplative Elementary Education Major (BA)

A Bachelor of Arts degree (120 credits) consists of Core Curriculum (30 credits) and at least one major (36–60 credits), as well as minors and/or elective courses of the student’s choosing.

Early Childhood Education

Contemplative Elementary Education major includes a broad array of courses including education, math, science, social studies and literature as well as personal contemplative practices.

Grounded in contemplative education pedagogies, this major integrates the skills required for creating compassionate, engaged, and effective learning environments while meeting Teacher Quality Standards, the Colorado Academic Standards, and the Colorado Elementary Content Standards required by the Colorado Department of Education.

With careful degree planning, up to 12 credits of the major requirements can fulfill BA Core Curriculum Area Requirements.

Student Teaching and Field Placement/Practicum

Students perform a total of 800 hours of field placement/practicum and student teaching. Students should plan their schedules taking into account field placement requirements. Student teaching in a public or private elementary school is required in the last semester. Student teaching is a full-time job as pre-service candidates are the sole facilitator of learning in the classroom.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Endorsement

This endorsement prepares students to teach in culturally and linguistically diverse public and private school environments with presence and compassion. The following courses are required by the Colorado Department of Education to fulfill Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Endorsement:

EDU 220: Theories, Strategies, and Assessment of CLD K-12
EDU 340: Linguistics for Teachers of CLD students K-12
EDU 245: Multicultural Education and Critical Contemplative Pedagogy
EDU 375: Assessment of the Diverse Learner K-12