Elementary Teacher Licensure Program

The Elementary Teacher Licensure program is designed to prepare students from different majors, to become a K-6 classroom teachers who can teach in public or private schools with presence and compassion. The program is designed to fully prepare students in contemplative education pedagogies, culturally and linguistically diverse education pedagogies, and skills for creating reflective, engaged, and effective learning environments. Through the integration of the best practices of western teaching and the wisdom and mindfulness of eastern traditions, our teachers are prepared to meet the complex needs of diverse classrooms. To ensure workforce applicability, this program is designed to meet the Colorado Academic Content Standards and the Teacher Quality Standards. 

The Teacher Licensure Program can be added to any undergraduate major at Naropa. Adding this professional licensure may extend a student’s study by 1-2 semesters, depending on the major. Please work with your advisor regarding specific program requirements.

Student Teaching and Field Placement/Practicum

Students perform a total of 800 hours of field placement/practicum and student teaching. Students should plan their schedules taking into account field placement requirements. Student teaching in a public or private elementary school is required in the last semester. Student teaching is a full-time job as pre-service candidates are the sole facilitator of learning in the classroom. 

Elementary Teacher Licensure Program with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Endorsement Requirements


*** Apply to the Education department after completing Gateway courses


Transformational Practices (12)

Contemplative Practice & Embodiment (3)

  • TRA133 Yoga I (3) or physical education equivalent

Language and Communication (12)

Numeric Literacy (9)

Systems and Cycle (6)

Artistic Process (3)

Our Place in the World (9)

World Language (6)

  • SPA101 Conversatinal Spanish I (3)* or equivalent
  • SPA102 Conversational Spanish II (3)* or equivalent 

Students must satisfactorily complete all Gateway and Milestone courses prior to Student Teaching. In addition, students must pass the elementary PRAXIS exam administered through CDE (fees associated with the exam are the responsibility of the student).



* May be taken through www.ccconline.org or equivalent. Contact your advisor for details.