Licensure Requirements

Elementary Teacher Licensure Program with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Endorsement Requirements

Gateway (9)

*** A formal Application for Continuance in the Teacher Licensure Program must be submitted after completing the Gateway courses. 


Transformational Practices (12)

Contemplative Practice & Study (3)

  • TRA133 Yoga I (3) or physical education equivalent

Language and Communication (12)

Numeric Literacy (9)

  • EDU315 Math for Teachers: Content, Curriculum and Mathematics Education (3)
  • Other mathematics credits needed (6)
    Six credits of mathematics courses that address the following: Engages students in the concepts of school mathematics, including the recognition of numerical and geometric patterns and their application to a variety of mathematical situations; mathematical problem-solving, reasoning, critical thinking, and communication; algebraic thinking, representation, analysis, manipulation, generalizations and extensions, problem solving involving probability, elementary statistical concepts, congruence and similarity, the metric system and motion geometry and tessellation.* 

Systems and Cycle (6)

  • EDU300 Nature and Education (3)
  • Other science credits needed (3)
    Three credits of a science course that address the following: Examines the nature of energy and matter, their interactions and changes, and the application of fundamental concepts to the study of our natural world, integrating the fundamental concepts and ideas about the nature of physics and chemistry with the natural world.*

Artistic Process (3)

Our Place in the World (9)

World Language (6)

Students must satisfactorily complete all Gateway and Milestone courses prior to Student Teaching. In addition, students must pass the elementary PRAXIS exam administered through CDE (fees associated with the exam are the responsibility of the student).


Total Credits: 82

* May be satisfied through Advanced Placement (AP), the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), or transfer credit (through an individual consortium agreement if financial aid is needed). Contact your academic advisor for details.