From the President

Thank you for your interest in exploring Naropa University. We are pleased to offer you this course catalog—a snapshot of the rich array of classes and programs offered by a world-class faculty of practitioner-scholars. For forty years, Naropa has pioneered “contemplative education,” a pedagogy that educates the whole person and prepares our graduates for meaningful and powerful engagement in the world. Our undergraduate faculty is committed to guiding Naropa’s students on a very relevant educational and personal journey, doing their part to prepare a new generation of world citizens. This work begins with the student’s connection to a carefully crafted core curriculum and continues throughout the undergraduate experience with study in one of our many majors. We are also very pleased to have renewed our longstanding commitment to multicultural study through many study abroad opportunities.

Our graduate and professional schools strive to nurture a balanced set of skills and intuitive understandings, resources which effectively underpin any focused field of study. Naropa graduate students have the opportunity to study with leading practitioners in their chosen field of study and to leave the campus for internships and practical experiences while still supported by the university.

Naropa is rooted in both the great educational, cultural, and spiritual traditions of the East and West, drawing from the wisdom traditions of the mind and the heart, unbounded by sectarian concerns or narrow-mindedness. 

We pride ourselves in having attracted bright, passionate, and caring students who chose a Naropa University education deliberately and for whom the possibilities for growth and transformation abound.

As our founder, the great Tibetan scholar and meditation master Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche said, “We can change the world—definitely.” 

We warmly invite you to join your journey with ours.

Charles G. Lief

President, Naropa University