Paying the Bill

Tuition Payment Plan

Students unable to pay their balance in full by the due date may elect to enroll in a payment plan that divides the remaining unpaid balance over four payments. See or contact the Coordinator of Student Accounts for details.

Notification of Right to Increase Tuition

The Naropa University Board of Trustees reserves the right to change tuition and fees without prior notice.

Tuition and Fees

  • Graduate Tuition: $995/credit
  • Undergraduate Tuition: Full-time (12–18 credits/semester): $15,810/semester. Less than 12 credits/semester: $995/credit; If more than 18 credits/semester: $15,810 plus $995/credit for each credit more than 18 credits
  • Audit: $30/credit
  • Graduation Fee: $50


  • New Student Confirmation Deposit: $250 (nonrefundable if student does not matriculate)

Mandatory Fees per Semester

  • Registration Fee (fall and spring): $250 (for graduate students and part-time undergraduates)
  • Registration Fee (summer): $120
  • GSCP fee (fall and spring): $45
  • RTD Bus Pass Fee (subject to change by RTD) for on-campus students: $60
  • Activity Fee for full-time students: $25

Late Fees

  • Late Application for Graduation: $25
  • Tuition Payment Late Fee: $50 (+18% annual interest, compounded monthly)

Processing Fees

  • Payment Plan Setup Fee: $50/semester
  • Payment Plan Late Payment: $15/late payment
  • Returned Check Fee: $20
  • Duplication Student File (per page): no charge

Transcript Fees

  • Unofficial Transcript (available on MyNaropa): $0
  • Official Transcript (USPS or local pick up): $5
  • Official Transcript via $6.50–$8 (Price varies by requested service)

PLEASE NOTE: In order to process, official transcripts require a signed student consent form. Students who are not local are advised to order their transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse website in order to complete the consent process more quickly.

Transcript Ordering with Special Mailing Options

  • Official Transcript via Domestic Priority Mail (USPS): $12
  • Official Transcript via Domestic Express/Overnight Priority Mail (USPS): $35
  • Official Transcript via FedEx Domestic: $40
  • Official Transcript via International Priority Mail (USPS): $60
  • Official Transcript via International FedEx Express: $100

Replacement Diploma Services

  • Replacement Diploma Domestic Mailing (USPS): $30
  • Rush Replacement Diploma Domestic Mailing (USPS): $50
  • Replacement Diploma International Mailing (USPS): $80
  • Rush Replacement Diploma International Mailing (USPS): $150

Apostille Services

An apostille document is used internationally in order to certify that another document has been signed by a notary public. Apostilles are commonly requested in order to authenticate a United States higher education degree. Requirements can vary according to country.

PLEASE NOTE: the below fees are in addition to any diploma reprinting fees.

Apostille for Diploma: $15 + $5 check to Colorado Secretary of State
Apostille International Mailing (USPS) without Reprint: $60
Apostille International FedEx Express Mailing without Reprint: $100

Course Fees

Some classes have special fees. Please view the course schedule at

Health Insurance

Note: All international students and all full-time undergraduates are required to carry health insurance. These students will be charged for health insurance unless they can prove that they have comparable coverage under an existing policy and complete an online waiver form. The online waiver must be completed to have insurance charges removed.

Staff and Faculty Tuition Benefits

Staff and faculty should contact the human resources office with any questions regarding tuition benefits.