Social and Multicultural Foundations I

One of two Social and Multicultural Foundations courses, this course introduces students to basic theory, language, and foundational concepts of multicultural social justice counseling including issues of cultural difference, power, privilege, and marginalization in the therapeutic relationship. Students learn course content by examining their own cultures and sociocultural identities/locations (ethnicity, sexual/affectional orientation, race, age, socioeconomic status, ability, gender, nationality, language, size, gender expression, religion) as they relate to the counselor, client, and counseling process. The impact of traditional counseling practices and mental health delivery systems on clients from socioculturally marginalized groups will be reviewed. Contemplative somatic processes and practices will be explored and utilized throughout the course as a support for increased awareness, emotional self-regulation, and development of an integrated somatic, multicultural social justice orientation to counseling/psychotherapeutic theory and practice. Somatic Counseling students only.
Course Number: CNSS610
Units: 1.0