Body/Movement Observation and Assessment II

The second semester of a two-semester series in which students begin to look at how the mind is expressed through the body. With basic body/movement observation and assessment concepts and skills gathered in the first semester, the second semester places greater emphasis on deriving clinical meanings from these observations. In particular, this course focuses on learning the psychotherapeutic implications of developmental movement and body patterning as they relate to the psychological perspectives of object relations, self-psychology, and attachment theory. This theory is viewed through the lenses of the Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP), Laban Movement Analysis (LMA), Body-Mind Centering (TM)/Body-Mind Psychotherapy (BMC/BMP), and anatomical kinesiology. Additionally, students continue exploring the dynamic relationship between their own movement preferences and repertoires as they interface with those of others so that this awareness becomes a resource for effectively working with transference and countertransference in psychotherapy. In both semesters, the process of observing the body and its movement patterns is approached from the integrative vantage points of theoretical knowledge, practiced observation, and personal embodiment. Prerequisite: CNSS621.
Course Number: CNSS637
Units: 2.0