Advanced Counseling Skills II: Diagnosis and Treatment in Clinical Metal Health

The objective of this course is to support students in refining the basic elements of their therapeutic skill set in preparation for clinical placements. Focus for this class is on developing the basic skills of diagnosis, treatment planning, and case conceptualization for counselors. The course will also include a basic introduction to the use of medication in mental health treatment by counselors. In addition, several advanced clinical skills are also introduced. In particular, students refine their skills in identifying and working with resistance or therapeutic ambivalence, develop greater facility in tracking transference and countertransference in the therapeutic relationship, and cultivate greater facility in working with clinical interventions such as touch, imagery, music, rhythm, props, somatic tracking, and verbalizations to help clients move toward a further level of intrapsychic and interpersonal integration. Prerequisite: CNSS605.
Course Number: CNSS756
Units: 3.0