Multicultural Education and Contemplative Critical Pedagogy

This course helps students make sense of their world and make sense of themselves in relationship to their world. Since students are both subjects and objects of education, they are the learner, teacher, and the researcher. Through the study of critical pedagogy and multicultural education theory, this class explores the questions of what education can be, develops skills to uncover what education actually is, and deepens students' understanding of the contradictions that have shaped their own and other people's consciousness. This course deepens students' appreciation of inquiry through literary review and discussion and increases their ability to recognize the ways in which power operates to create oppressive conditions for some groups and privilege for others. Through critical thinking, reading, and writing, students examine and challenge the more commonly held views of education, learning, and teaching. Must receive a "B" or better to be accepted into the "Teacher Licensure Program". Includes practicum hours. Cross-listed as EDU548.
Course Number: EDU245
Units: 3.0