Elementary Literacy II: The Development of Oral and Written Language

This is the second of two courses in elementary literacy in which students continue learning and practicing skills, methods, and techniques for teaching reading in grades 4-8. This second course focuses on the continued study of language, reading, and writing across the curriculum, and contemplative practices in the classroom. This course builds on the understanding of the theories and historical context of reading in grades 4-8. This course includes methods, strategies, and resources for teaching students to read complex disciplinary texts. This course will identify unique literacy skills utilized in history, mathematics, science/technical subjects, and literary genres. A focus on developing knowledge of academic vocabulary acquisition, comprehension skills, use of text-based evidence, critical and analytical reading and writing, as well as universal and discipline-specific reading strategies is presented. Applications of assessments for learning, differentiation, and evidence-based interventions to meet the needs of all students are introduced. Understanding of standards-based reading and writing instruction that is culturally responsive is presented. Includes practicum hours. Prerequisite: EDU345. Cross-listed as EDU555.
Course Number: EDU355
Units: 3.0