Observing Childhood Growth and Development

This course is designed to provide an overview of child development three years through twelve years of age, and the fundamentals of contemplative observation of young children. It is intended to give the student an overview of current research and issues in child development. Students are required to study and observe children in elementary settings, learn to think critically about research and evidence presented, and to apply research findings to solving current social problems impacting families and young children. The class examines different theorists and their approaches to explaining child development in a global context. This class is conducted in a seminar format. Practical application: Field Placement (The application is completed during the twenty hours of field placement that is required for the class). Teacher Licensure Program students who have not taken EDU380 will have a pre-course reading, available on the MyNaropa EDU385 course link, due for the first class. Includes practicum hours.
Course Number: EDU385
Units: 3.0