Mindfully Aware Teaching II

This course is a deepening of the foundation that has been laid in Mindfully Aware Teaching I. Having experienced practices and pedagogies that stabilize the teaching presence and improve learning relationships, students learn effective and compassionate ways of facilitating creative approaches to classroom learning activities. By working more direclty with their cognitive, affective, and somatic experiences, teachers engage in first-person, realistic classroom scenarios. The teaching relationships that are being developed through the practices of mindful awareness, compassion, contemplation, and embodied presence disciplines are further extended into methods for refining classroom management and curriculum. All these skills are supported by the study of contemplative principles and pedagogies from contemporary sources based on world wisdom traditions and modern psychology and sociology. This is an experimental course focusing on the development of selected pedagogical methods that are foundational to contemplative teaching. Prerequisite: EDU447. Cross-listed as EDU583.
Course Number: EDU483
Units: 2.0