Foundations of Education for a Diverse Society and Assessment of the Diverse Learner

In this course, we survey theories and practices in American Eduation in the U.S. based on analyses of current practices and future projections. The course includes an introduction to the history of education; educational philosophies; effective teaching, educational assessment theories and practices; schools and curricula; and social, political, and economic forces that shape contemporary schooling and assessment. Coursework includes readings, lectures, dialog, simulations, guest speakers, peer teaching in class, and experiential and contemplative teaching and learning. Contemplative Education courses are taught through the mode of 'contemplative teaching' in every session. Using this method, professors model contemplative teaching strategies and inner practices, explicitly define the contemplative strategies/practices used, and explain the "why" behind the strategies used. Class discussions, classroom group work, lesson demonstrations, and lesson planning demonstrates both contemplative approaches and current best practices in teaching. Professors describe how these strategies impact classroom management and methods, and engage students in consistent practice of contemplative strategies in practicum placements through student teaching. Textbooks and articles chosen for this class, which are based on contemplative practices in K-12 education, are explicitly discussed. Crosslisted as EDU421.
Course Number: EDU521
Units: 4.0