Elementary Literacy II: The Development of Oral and Written Language

This is the second of two courses in elementary literacy, in which students continue learning and practicing skills, methods, and techniques for teaching literacy. This second course focuses on the continued study of language, writing across the curriculum, and contemplative practices in the classroom. Using a contemplative approach to literacy, this course investigates the makings of a literate student. We investigate the phenomenon of the intersections of teaching and learning of literacy skills. Students observe, demonstrate, and evaluate their literacy instruction in composition, including ideas, organization, word choice, and voice, in fluency encompassing phonics and vocabulary building. We use contemplative reflection, including assessing our own instruction, teaching composition using contemplative methods, and giving purposeful and meaningful feedback. We experiment with the key components of writing and develop strategies for supporting all students in effective communication through both oral and written words. Writing across the curriculum is focused on how to complete literacy skills for students in all areas. Threads woven throughout both Part I and Part II include the link between reading, writing, listening, and speaking, as well as purposeful integration of literacy across the curriculum. Prerequisite: EDU545. Crosslisted as EDU355.
Course Number: EDU555
Units: 3.0