Contemplative Practice Intensive (1.5-6)

The purpose of this intensive is to give students the opportunity to deepen their discipline and knowledge of their own spiritual tradition in a community setting that offers a prescribed schedule of practice and of service. Undergraduate students may choose to complete a program ranging in length from one week to a maximum of four weeks at a retreat center of their choice. The center or organization must be approved by the Religious Studies program. Some examples of these sites are Tibetan Buddhist meditation centers, Insight, vipassana retreat centers, Zen centers, Christian monasteries, ashrams, and Jewish contemplative retreats. Other choices are possible with the approval of the program. It is advisable to check with the Contemplative Practice Director to make sure that your choice of retreat center can be approved. Students are responsible for paying all program costs charged by the organization or institution that offers the retreat. These costs are in addition to Naropa tuition. This course is offered for variable credit; the number of credits (1.5 - 6) will be determined by the length of the retreat. Cross-listed as REL547.
Course Number: REL258
Units: 1.5-6.0