Musar and Pietism: The Jewish Ethical Tradition

This course surveys the teachings and literature of the major pietistic trends from the Middle Ages until modern day. Emphasis is placed on the medieval pietistic teachings of Bachya Ibn Pequdah and Abraham Maimonides and their relationship with Sufi teachings; on the pietistic teachings of sixteenth-century Safed as expressed in texts such as Reishit Chochmah; on the writings of Moshe Chayyim Luzatto; on the teachings of the East European Musar schools of Slobodka, Novhorodok, and Salant; and on modern expressions of Musar such as those found in the writings of Levinas, Hutner, and Soloveichik. The transformational practices of these schools is explored through introspective and interpersonal exercises. Co-requisite: REL529 or equivalent.
Course Number: REL631E
Units: 3.0