Advanced Mystical Text Seminar

This course provides the opportunity for advanced study of one or several mystical texts from the Kabbalistic and/or Chassidic traditions. All texts are studied in translation from Hebrew and/or Aramaic. The author, text, or topic changes each semester according to the specific needs of the students. Some of the texts we may study include the works of: Isaac the Blind; Azriel of Gerona; Nachmanides; Joseph Gikaltilia; the Zohar; Meir Ibn Gabbai; Moses Cordovero; Isaiah Horowitz; Isaac Luria; Hayyim Vital; the Baal Shem Tov; the Maggid of Mezheritch; Ya'aqov Yosef of Polonoyye; Menahem Mendel of Vitebsk; Levi Yizhaq of Berditchev; Menahem Nahum of Chernobyl; Elimelekh of Lizhensk; Shneur; Zalman of Liadi; Nahman of Brazlav; and Mordekhai Yosef Leiner; inter alia. Prerequisites: REL543E and REL561E.
Course Number: REL820E
Units: 3.0