MDiv Capstone Seminar

This course is designed to prepare the Master of Divinity students to undertake the writing of a capstone project required by the program. This final, integrative project offers students an opportunity to integrate assessments and coursework experiences during their matriculation in the MDiv program, and to construct a theological worldview within the professional field of chaplaincy and/or spiritual leadership. This capstone project is intended to not only draw from the full range of MDiv course materials and experiences, but is also designed to encourage students to place their constructive work in conversation with literature and research in their respective field(s). Transpersonal, contemplative, feminist, action/participant, social change, and intuitive inquiry are also explored. This course will be offered for 3 credits to MDiv students who take the course in the 19-20 academic year and who entered under a catalog prior to 2019-20. This course will be offered for 2 credits for MDiv students who take the course in the 2020-21 academic year (and beyond), and who enter under the 19-20 catalog.
Course Number: REL853
Units: 3.0