Meditation in Yogic and Tantric Traditions: A Practicum

This course will guide students through a comprehensive curriculum of meditative practice as formulated in Paranjali's Yogasutra. Patanjali's yogic system will constitute a foundation for the practicum and will introduce subtle refinements in posture, methods for working with the breath and the energy of the senses, and ways to harness the current of the mind, making space for the spontaneous unfolding of meditative awareness and the cultivation of self-mastery. This core curriculum will serve as staging for more fruitional modes of meditation revealed in tantric sources that involve visualization and creative acts of imagination. Teachings on meditative praxis will be supplemented by a study of the ways of seeing and knowing advances by the source traditions, i.e., the dynamism of their fundamental views as well as their articulations of the purpose and goal of meditation.
Course Number: TRA512
Units: 3.0