Writing Seminar II: Art of the Scholar

In Writing Seminar I, students focused their writing on "starting where you are," what Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche calls "having to meet yourself," and then developed critical thinking and writing skills. In Writing Seminar II, students meet themselves not only as writers, but also as burgeoning scholars and as engaged learners to explore the richness of our humanity. They practice the art of scholarly investigation that will support their undergraduate education. We'll begin with personal inquiry that spurs a multidisciplinary research investigation, incorporating research strategies and presentation skills along the way. Students in all sections practice the basics of scholarly investigation and argumentation, building a set of skills they will need and will refine throughout their undergraduate education. The semester culminates in a seven to eight-page research paper, the topic of which is suggested through class discussions. Students enrolling in Writing Seminar II must have taken and passed Writing Seminar I or the equivalent.
Course Number: COR115
Units: 3.0