Cultural Immersion: Nepal/India

Nine (or more) weeks of extended field study in Nepal and northern and southern India, giving direct exposure to the people and culture through spiritual study; Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist, and Muslim homestays; social service and environmental work; and individual internships. Through these activities, students engage in activism through service work; develop an awareness of their relationships to different cultures and of the Westernizing of cultures; learn what steps can be taken to begin to identify and work with this; and learn how to utilize available resources positively and effectively. Additional topics include culture shock, languages (Hindi or Tibetan), cultural differences, the effects of privilege, karma, and the caste system. Opportunities abound for concentration on each student's individual interests. Students identify their own cultural assumptions as well as learn skills to travel effectively and cooperatively within a group. Travel and study in Nepal and India includes scholarly research prior to traveling, as well as written and oral presentations after returning to the United States.
Course Number: LCOR120
Units: 6.0