Improvisation/Composition II

A continuation of PAR360, this class sharpens skills and instructions from inside and out to create performances for one another and for communities near and far. Working with the Naropa tradition of "young-warrior-artist-in-training," students discuss confidence in the path of the artist today. The Red Square practice opens the door of intuitive, imaginative, and daring ventures with many partners to collaborate with, including props, costumes, music, noise, and language of all sorts. Focus moves to site-specific events throughout the Naropa campuses. A long accumulation phrase of gestures, etc., are created over the semester as an investigation in both devised choreography and memory. Performances collage together solos, duets, trios, and quintets, also herds and flocks and mobs. Prerequisite: PAR360 or permission of instructor.
Course Number: PAR460
Units: 3.0