Regional Seminar - Diversity in the Himalayas

This course explores the myriad ethnicities and religious traditions that constitute Nepal and the surrounding region, which is one of the most ethnically diverse regions of the world. Students begin their study in this course through an overview of the country's cultural, social, and political background. Using lectures, readings, and discussion, this course surveys social issues and vulnerable populations in Nepal such as development issues, environment, public health, education, human rights, caste, and the status of women. Students also receive an extensive introduction to Hinduism and to Mahayana Buddhism, in particular to the Tibetan tradition. Opportunities are also provided for students to engage local experts in discussion through guest lecturers and field trips. In addition, program travels in Nepal take students to communities that are engaged in addressing these issues, providing experiential opportunities for learning and growth. For Global Studies students only.
Course Number: GLOS330
Units: 4.0