Special Topics in Visual Arts

The Special Topics seminar investigates application of theories and methods of visual arts specific to historical, critical, and theoretical contexts. Specific topics are announced the semester this course is offered. The seminar is open to advanced undergraduate and graduate students.
Spring 2020
Section A: Installation and Ritual This course in intended as a space in which we could build/dream through our materials, sensations, and questions to the shrine, the ritual, and the installation. We will look at examples of each from cultures and traditions of many kinds, with a strict vow not to appropriate these forms but rather, as a way to develop our own questions about what these spaces might be for. What do they need? What do they require? What do they discharge? What kinds of images do they precipitate that were never seen before? How can writing and performance be the places where we develop or retain a memory of these images? Our work together this semester will unfold in the axial space between spirituality and art, with a focus on our own art-making, writing, and performance.
Course Number: ART490
Units: 3.0