Other Ways of Attending Naropa

Visiting Student Program

This program is for undergraduate students who would like to spend one or two semesters at Naropa University as full-time students. Interested students should apply via the Visiting Student Application. Following acceptance, visiting students will meet with an academic advisor to choose relevant courses and discuss the full range of opportunities at Naropa. Consortium agreements may be created to allow an exchange of some financial aid. A visiting student may apply to become a degree-seeking student at Naropa after completing at least one semester as a visiting student. Application materials from the original application may be used, and no additional fee is required. This program is for full-time students only. To study at Naropa University as a visiting student for longer than a year, the student must reapply.

Part-Time, Nondegree Student

The part-time, nondegree student program allows an individual to take Naropa classes for credit as a non-matriculated student. Part-time, nondegree students need not apply through the Office of Admissions. Students with part-time status may register for 0.5 to 11.5 undergraduate credits per semester or 0.5 to 8.5 graduate credits per semester. Those wishing to take more credits must apply through the Visiting Student Program. Courses are only open to the public on a space-available basis, and not all classes are open to the public. Contact the Registrar’s Office at 303-546-3500 or visit the Public Registration tab on MyNaropa (https://my.naropa.edu/ICS/) for more information.

Extended Studies

Naropa University Extended Studies supports Naropa’s mission in the larger community by offering workshops, lectures, conferences, online courses, and professional development programs. Graduate and undergraduate courses are available at a reduced tuition rate if not taken for credit. Letters of attendance are available upon request for selected programs. There is no admission process for those wishing to pursue noncredit study at the university. However, certain professional development programs do require an application to be submitted to the program director. Students taking classes on a noncredit basis do not receive course work evaluation or transcript services. To check on current offerings, visit the Extended Studies webpage (http://www.naropa.edu/academics/extended-studies/index.php). To register, visit the Public Registration tab on MyNaropa (https://my.naropa.edu/ ICS/).

Naropa Online Campus

Naropa Distance Learning offers a variety of courses and low-residency degree programs from the heart of the University's curriculum, translated for interactive delivery over the Internet by Naropa faculty. The dynamic online learning communities utilize the latest available technology to allow students to complete course material with a minimum of technological needs. Students interact with other students and the instructor through a variety of means, including message boards, a journal feature, chat rooms, and a document-sharing page. Students use password-protected web pages to access printed lectures, audio and video lectures, message boards, and online discussion areas. The classes are not self-paced; students progress with the instructor and other students following traditional semester dates. Graduate and undergraduate classes are available. Students should expect to spend between six and ten hours per week during the semester to complete each class. Visit Naropa’s online campus at www.naropa.edu/academics/distance-learning/index.php or visit the Public Registration tab on MyNaropa (https://my.naropa.edu/ICS/) for more details.

  • Applicants who would like information about pursuing a low-residency graduate degree at Naropa may visit the Admissions section of www.naropa.edu, may email admission@naropa.edu, or may call 303-546-3572 or 1-800-772-6951 (outside the 303 area code).
  • Students who would like to take an online course and have registration questions may call 303-546-3511 or email registration@ecampus.naropa.edu.
  • Students who have questions about online learning may call 303-245-4702 or email inquiry@ecampus.naropa.edu with “Naropa Distance Learning Inquiry” in the subject line.