Appeal Procedures

A student may appeal the suspension of financial aid eligibility. Students who wish to appeal must submit a narrative detailing the below items, and provide supporting documentation (if needed).

  • Why they failed to meet SAP standards in each of the relevant semesters.
  • What has changed about their situation that will ensure problems will not arise again.
  • How the student plans to meet SAP requirements once again.

Students should submit the appeal narrative and all required documentation directly to the Office of Financial Aid (  Appeals should be made in a timely manner.

A committee will review each appeal on an individual basis to determine what prevented the student from meeting satisfactory academic progress. The review will take into account prior appeals submitted; the thoroughness of documentation; student’s current cumulative GPA; student’s current completion rate; length of time until the student’s program is complete; resolution of all extenuating circumstances and an explanation of all semesters in which the student failed to meet standards.

Students are responsible for the completeness of their appeal.  Appeal requests  may  be  denied  because  the  application  is  incomplete,  there  is  not enough or adequate documentation to support the reason for the appeal, or the student fails to explain how the problem has been addressed.