Financial Aid Probation Determinations

Students placed on financial aid probation will receive one of two probation determinations:

Financial Aid Probation
An approved appeal places the student on Financial Aid Probation. The probation period is one term only and the student MUST meet SAP standards at the conclusion of the probation term. The student’s progress will be reviewed at the conclusion of the assigned semester. Failure to meet requirements will result in immediate suspension of aid eligibility and future appeals may be denied.

Financial Aid Probation with Academic Plan
This probation is an approved appeal that requires students to not only meet SAP standards, but to also adhere to an approved academic plan with assistance from an academic advisor. Typically this plan will include reporting regularly to their academic advisor to discuss any problems that may be a hindrance to academic progress, seeking assistance in defining and implementing a plan to meet future educational goals, a limitation of 12 credit hour course load during the probation period, and signing a statement of understanding and agreement to comply to all stipulations.

For financial aid purposes, a student who has been reinstated to eligibility under an academic plan and is making progress under that plan is considered to be an eligible student. Students who withdraw without extenuating circumstances while on an academic plan will not be allowed to appeal until they have met all SAP requirements.