The Effect of Incompletes, Withdrawal Grades, and Repeated Course Work

If a student receives an incomplete grade, that grade will count against the student’s PACE, until the grade has been updated. After the grade has been updated PACE will be re-evaluated to determine if the student is now meeting SAP.

If a student withdraws from a class after the drop/add period, those credit hours for which the student earns a grade of “W” are counted as attempted, but not earned, credit hours. Therefore, withdrawing from classes after the drop/add period, without earning a passing letter grade, will negatively affect the student’s PACE.

A student may receive federal financial aid for a repeated failed course. Students may also receive aid for a repeated course that was previously passed (credit has been received, but taken again for a higher grade) only once. Every repeated course affects Satisfactory Academic Progress calculations; all repeated courses are counted as attempted credits.