Maximum Time Frame Requirement

Due to federal regulations, students are allowed a maximum time frame of 150% of the number of credits needed to complete the degree or certificate program. This time frame is effective for all students, even those that have not previously received financial aid. Students who exceed the limit are no longer eligible for further aid. Reinstatement of eligibility requires the student to submit an appeal to determine aid eligibility.

Example: If an undergraduate degree program requires 120 semester credit hours to complete, then a student is eligible for financial aid during the first 180 attempted credit hours as an undergraduate (120  x 150% = 180 maximum attempted credit hours for financial aid eligibility).

Students must also complete a minimum number of credits each semester in order to be making satisfactory academic progress according to the following schedule:

Graduate Students: 10 credits per year

Undergraduate Students: 20 credits per year

Undergraduate Certificate Students: 10 credits per year

Students who need additional time to complete their degree must complete a SAP Appeal.  A letter regarding why the student has not completed the degree, and an academic advisor/department chair letter explaining what classes remain, what terms they will be taken in, and the student’s expected graduation date must accompany the appeal. 

Upon appeal, the Financial Aid Office may increase the maximum time frame for students who have a one-time major change, are adding a major, or have experienced an extenuating circumstance that has now been resolved.